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About The Books

The goal is to equip children with a confident, strong, and caring sense of self. Gearing to help children grow emotionally and be at peace with their choices. The books are an aid for children themselves and aim to help them to feel validated in their natural and innate feelings rather than embarrassed. I hope they will be a fun but educational way for children to access a deeper level of emotional intelligence that will support them on their natural path of progression.

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Book Reviews

Reader's Favourite 5 star rated award for this children's book. Emblem with 5 stars.

"So what makes a family a family? Erin and Roderick did some thinking for a while before Roderick came up with the perfect answer.

Fliss Goldsmith’s Erin & Roderick Discover Families celebrates the differences in modern families and highlights what they all have in common, and it does so in a well-organized and fun story about a picnic in the park on a lovely afternoon. I loved seeing how Mom and Dad fielded their kids’ questions and especially appreciated the non-judgmental way that the story dealt with families having two moms or dads. In the end, the story shows how families are all pretty much alike in the ways that really matter... Erin & Roderick Discover Families is most highly recommended."

-Readers' Favorite; 5 star review

"...The simplistic and gentle approach to Roderick’s questions are perfect for helping younger children to understand why not all families look the same. We believe that this book is a great tool for opening up the discussion of family diversity and showing every child that their family is beautiful and valid. This book belongs in every classroom and on every bookshelf, so that ALL children can learn about and celebrate every type of family.
We believe this book would make a great gift for any child with a non-traditional family or for a child who may have friends or family members with non-traditional families..."

Reader's Favourite 5 star rated award for this children's book. Emblem with 5 stars.

"...With friendship at the core of this storybook, Erin, Roderick, and the Diffability Bunch is a tale of overcoming weaknesses. The children do not treat each other differently, and the adults do not show prejudice. Mr. Patwari searching for the whistle to help Ryan perform his best is an admirable act of compassion. I loved how the illustrations by Ian R. Ward are detailed and bursting with color. The pictures portray the emotions of the characters beautifully. With its informative facts about the disabilities mentioned in the story, I appreciated the Let’s Talk About It section at the end of the book. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Erin and her friends in the heartwarming story Erin, Roderick, and the Diffability Bunch by Fliss Goldsmith. "

-Readers' Favorite; 5 star review

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