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2024 - Reach In or Reach Out?

Welcome to 2024 and I hope it has at least started in a happy and healthful way for you. If it hasn't, you are not alone - and while i know that does not salve the burn i hope it at least offers you some knowledge that you are not isolated in being 'not where you'd hope life would be.'

Frankly I am rather tired of the New Year New Me brigade - why on Earth would that be the case? Even if situationally i wanted to change everything, underneath all of that, I am still me!

It is with this in mind that i started to research what the top ranking emotions for January are and in no particular order here they are; Lonely, Frustrated, Worried. Just read those again please. The 3 top ranking emotions people feel at this time of year are all ones that come from a place of lack, of comparison, of isolation and of pain. WOW what a utopia we live in right?!

And so i see many well meaning posts asking people who are experiencing these emotions to 'Reach Out', and 'Don't be alone', 'Always here hun' etc. Again, great sentiment and there will be a proportion of these offers that are followed through with tangible support and help which is vital BUT.........

What if we reverse engineered this a little? What if we did some reaching IN before we then reached out? It is paramount i make it clear that reaching out for help with you health (mental, physical and emotional) that is in crisis must be done straight away and the relevant numbers are below - but crisis aside what if we spent some real time reaching in......

What i mean by that is the idea of connecting to ourselves first before trying to change any situational things or outside stimuli.

How many people reading this i wonder could name their 2 core values?

I know I couldn't until i underwent some serious Coaching!

Do you know where you stop and others begin - in other words where your boundaries are?

What about communication - is that clear and kind?

Are you Ok with accountability or does it result in blame, shame or shut down?

Belonging is my big focus for 2024 and I have realised something hugely powerful which was inspired by a quote from Maya Angelou and the work of Brene Brown.

'We cannot hope to belong anywhere unless we belong to ourselves first.

So, if i could offer you anything for 2024 it would be the understanding that until we prioritise our self awareness, our emotional literacy, fitness and flexibility then there is little point reaching out for the sticking plaster. Healing starts with us and i hope that healing starts for you in 2024.

X Love and Empowerment Fliss X

Call 999 (UK) or 111 (UK) or 911 (USA) in case of health emergency to get immediate support.

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