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Are you a Cookie Cut Out?

Well hello again - I hope this blog post finds you well. You may think I have been at the gin again (actually I have been T-Total for 12 years but hey-ho!)

Are you a Cookie Cut Out?

Are you a one size fits all person?

Only if you can answer yes to this will the generic self-help that is out there be of any real use to you.

You know the type I mean - it's in magazines, social media on the TV adverts - if you have X problem then just do Y and all is well.......

YAWN! I am afraid that's not the way the cookie crumbles in reality. If it was we would all be sailing through life unhindered.

So Why Fliss - Why isn't generic self-help useful? Because - hard truth incoming - it takes time, effort, understanding, an individual approach and inclusion to create something that can work for YOU.

(Unless you are a basic biscuit)

So my friend here is the question - are you ready to admit you are different?

Are you ready to acknowledge that you have personal needs?

Can you find the courage to say - I deserve more and I need bespoke support to get it?

If you are then i salute you - because very few ever are that courageous.

What to do then if you are a Special Shortbread, a Unique Yum-Yum - An Individual Iced Gem?.....................................


Step 1: Click what support you would find most life enhancing.

Step 2: Email or WhatsApp: 07718487079 with the word COOKIE and I will get right back to you.

Because when it comes to the crunch - cookie cutter may be convenient but it isn't effective. You have 1 precious life and you deserve to live it to the fullest

X I can't wait to learn more about you - Fliss X

What type of support would enhance and elevate your life?

  • 1:1 Emotional Wellness Coaching in person

  • 1:1 Emotional Wellness Coaching via Zoom

  • Online Emotional Wellness Courses

  • Group Emotional Wellness Coaching in person

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