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Are you suffering from Crewyearsmas?

I have 3 very important questions for you that i need answering RIGHT NOW!

  1. Is it OK to eat Malteasers and Stuffing at the same time?

  2. What day is it and do the bins go out today?

  3. Is a purple onesie plus jewelry considered acceptable day wear?

Yes folks it's that deliciously muddled time of the year that i affectionately call - CREWYEARSMAS.

It covers 26th December through 30th December and I know that you know the chaos!!!

Symptoms of Crewyearsmas include (but are not limited to)

Category A (Situations)

  • Eating boxed chocolates for breakfast with stuffing on the side

  • Wearing pyjamas until noon and then changing into fresh ones

  • Putting bins out any time in hope they get picked up

  • Opening the fridge to cold turkey, cheeses and a shriveled tomato.

  • Calling people by your pets name because you can't remember everything!

  • Juggling 2 calendars and fretting over potentially missed early Jan events

  • Avoiding people because you forgot THEIR Christmas card

  • Going to the shops only to find them closed

Category B (Feelings)

  • Irritability

  • Fatigue

  • Emotional Overwhelm

  • Brain Fog

  • Low Energy

  • Low Motivation

  • Guilt

  • Anxiety

  • Insomnia

If you identify with at least 1 symptom from category A & 1 from Category B - You have got Crewyearsmas. (Let you into a teensy secret - nobody really escapes it) At present there is no vaccination but there are definitely home remedies to ease you through this self limiting week long affliction.

Home Remedies:

  • Fresh Air - get outside every day if you can even for a few minutes. If accessibility limits you sit next to wide open windows and breathe it in.

  • Switch off the background distractions - TV blaring, Kid's games hollering, Spotify sing-a-longing - all have their place for joy but perhaps not all at the same time and not covering all of the day.

  • Hydrate - Sadly wine does not count - water, tea, juice, squash and even that sainted coffee have their place in the hydration of your heavenly human self - DRINK!

  • Nourish - Eat well. I hear you groan - 'Easier said than done Fliss' - and ordinarily i would be with you BUT i have your back as always - CLICK LINK below to this weeks Podcast for the most down to earth advice EVER from qualified and experienced Dietetic and Nutritionalist Sascha Landskron.

  • Sleep - Tempting as a Netflix boxset session is your brain, body, emotional and mental health will not thank you if this is on repeat night after night. Try to go to bed around the same time each night and give yourself an hour of screen free time before you do.

  • Connect - yes in person, via email, messenger, text - whatever, send a few 'How are you messages' and some love will surely flow back your way.

  • Disconnect (i know i just said connect) but take time ti carve out 'just for you time'. If that means a bath, trip to the supermarket, nap while kids play on their devices (shock horror) DO IT!

  • C.O.M.P.A.S.S.I.O.N - Compassion for yourself and those you live with is vital. We will get snappy, forget things, misjudge situations but the practice of forgiving those honest mistakes is what kicks Crewyearsmas in the butt!

So come on over to @codesignwithfliss on Instagram or Facebook and hold up your hand if you have Crewyearsmas - give others the permission to do the same. I have it and i carry zero shame - just a whole lot of love.

Love and Empowerment

X Fliss X

And here's the link to this week's podcast to give you another delicious dose of compassion, lots of easy tips and advice and a bit of You time - ENJOY :)


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