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Breathe Out or Rock Out?

Your right is right.......

The number 1 thing I have learned from my extensive, varied, and incomprehensible life experiences – as well as my training is this – there is no 1 size fits all.

I spent my twenties trying to adhere to every diet on the block. I tried high carb, low carb, no carb and even rhubarb, (ok the last one may not be entirely true) but I still never found the energy, vitality, and mental sunshine they all promised. All they left me with was Anorexia and Bulimia, (but that’s a story for another day/days).

I tried most of the exercise regimes touted by whip thin celebrities with glowing skin and piano key teeth seemingly without a care in the world, (which is a social media con anyway). Yes, I could run a 10k which was definitely a good thing – but I was exhausted and in agony.

I tried Yoga and meditation in a bid to find my inner peace, I bathed in Epsom salts, I ate chickpeas on chickpea toast and guess what – I still didn’t feel much better. In fact i felt like a failure.

Not for 1 minute am I downplaying the use, benefit or worth of any of the above (except of course any eating regime that leads you to an unhealthy relationship with your inherently incredible body – that is dangerous, and you must seek help – numbers below). What I did learn though is that the reason none of these blanket health ideas was working for me is because they were not designed for me. They were created to sell in large amounts at speed. I was not failing because i was entering processes where there was little to zero chance of any success however hard i tried.

Those years have taken their toll, mentally, physically, and emotionally – some of the scars you can see and many you can’t. Finally, though I stopped looking for the magic cure that would give me the energy, fitness, peace, health, money, job, social life I ‘wanted’. I did the work. I undertook intensive self-awareness. I retrained in Neuroplasticity and remain in awe of the power of the brain over every function in our beautiful bodies. I discovered my true values and learned how to create and hold boundaries to serve them.

I learned that everyone needs a bespoke wellness plan for their lives, their situations, and their futures. Some people need to eat little and often, others need to eat larger meals less often. One person’s meditation is another person’s frustration. Fitness is personal, movement is essential. You may climb the stairs, or you may climb the Alps – if it brings you to your optimal health, the best health you can be in, then it is right.

Bespoke has for too long been the luxury of the small percentage of people where finances are abundant. This is not me. This is not Codesign. I promise you there is a way we can work together whatever your budget. So please pop me an email here:

and let’s find what makes you tick and what we can do to move the needle one, two or twenty-two notches closer to your optimal emotional health and well-being.

Your empowerment is one message away. Your optimal health is one message away. Your aligned, more authentic and fulfilling tomorrow is just one ‘hello Fliss’ away.

Whatever you do – promise me this, you will do something today that enhances how you feel, whether you breathe out gently or rock out hard, if it is right for you – DO IT!

X Fliss X

For anyone who is struggling with their eating/food/body image and related mental health - please contact Beat Eating Disorders now – help is available 365 days a year and can be done via webchat, phone call or email – whatever best supports you to get the help you need right now.

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