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Do you recognise this embodiment of Comparison?

When we think of comparison what emotions come up for you? I often think of Resentment or Jealousy, are they ringing some bells?

These are definitely the emotional counterparts of comparison, along with Envy and sometimes Anger and Unworthiness, but I want to explore 2 sides of the same emotional coin that are on the negative side - ALSO tell-tale signs that you are comparing yourself and creating inauthentic connections and betraying your own values.

The good news is that the positive side of that coin is the antidote, the cure and the creator of meaningful connections which will deliver you more positive experiences and a more joyful and successful mindset. So read on, be honest, be accountable and then try to flip that coin and see how things start to change....

Schadenfreude: The joy of someone else's misfortune.

🌧 Thrives in groups

🌧 Provides quick feel good sensation

🌧 Creates false connections

🌧 Requires zero shared values

🌧 Betrays who we are

🌧 Creates a come down sensation of disappointment

🌧 Requires zero self-awareness

🌧 No Emotional Wellness work required

A white older female wearing a suit stands with a white younger lady pointing and smiling
Oh dear, I shouldn't laugh but....

Freudenfreude:Joy at someone else's success

✨️ Is an individual mindset

✨️ Provides long lasting feel good sensation

✨️ Creates real connections

✨️ Requires shared values

✨️ Affirms who we are

✨️ Leaves a post connection sensation of community

✨️ Requires self-awareness work

✨️ Emotional Wellness work required

A white woman with brown hair tied up is wearing a white v neck dress and holding 2 cups of coffee while beaming with joy through her big smile
Congratulations coffee!

Which camp 🏕 do you most often find yourself in?

Honesty is valued here. Support and kindness are an ethos. You will only receive love 🧡🧡🧡

Let's get accountable 💪🏼 💪🏼 💪🏼 For a more in-depth discussion and explanation of how Comparison could be what's holding you back from living an easeful and joy filled life, head to my Podcast 'The Way Forward' and listen to the episodes 'Comparison Pt 1 & Pt 2.'

Drop me an email or DM me on Instagram and Facebook

X Love and Empowerment Fliss X


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