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Done It Damn It!

There are 2 things holding my sanity together at the moment as we rocket towards the Christmas Tree - seriously December next week?!!!!!

We're all time poor so i will get straight to talking turkey and cut the waffle.


This shall hereby replace the To Do List - because that just fills us with dread faster than an elf up a stocking! The last thing you need is pages of things you need to tick off and then the self judgement of empty boxes that leave you ticked off and starting on the Celebration tub early (in the year not in the day because chocolate works anytime!)

Nope - instead i give you full permission to start each day with a blank piece of paper and every time you do something write it down with a smiley face next to it. Yes i know, from a 'coaching' point of view this is not the medicine i should be prescribing -but by now you know me to be anything but traditional. Will it motivate you to have everything wrapped with matching ribbons, attending every school play, concert or shin-dig, or ensuring Great Aunt Jennifer has her card before boxing day......? Probably not.

BUT it will ensure you have a more delightful December and end the year Ding-Donging merrily on high instead of miserable under the mistletoe!


This is a teeny little notebook i carry around with me and ensure my clients do. It is there for when things don't pan out as planned. When you said something you didn't mean, when you said something you did mean in the wrong way and even when you said something you did mean in the right way but someone else took it the wrong way. It goes in the Damn It Diary.

WHY? Because this stops it whirling around in your already festive fuzzy head. It means you are less likely to lie awake at 3am wondering if Angela is still your friend or Bob was offended at your joke. It means that if you do have a spare half hour for a Costa Terry's Chocolate Orange Hot Chocolate (other hot festive beverages and retailers are available) then you can have a look back and see if there are any clues or patterns to where things slip up - there usually is we are human after all! And use nice pens - any colour that makes you happy, you aren't at school now and no points shall be awarded for spelling and handwriting nor none deducted for using red or colouring outside the line (in fact - i encourage it - SCRIBBLE!)

So that's it for this week - 2 things both a like in their paper based nature (you can use your phone or tablet but i am an 80s child and i love me a bit of stationary!) I may have to go and get some fluorescent highlighters now - if you know, you know and if you don't get some and you will.

Try it ,and let me know how you are getting on - and if anyone looks at you as you note down your latest mishap then tell them to politely shove their burnt Brussels up their Egg-Nog!

You are a Christmas Cracker have a fab festive month ahead :)

X Fliss X

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