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Emotional & Mental Wellness Kit

As promised in last weeks post 'What are your festive flu signs & symptoms' this week we are looking at what we can do once we have spotted that our emotional and mental wellness is slipping down the priority list.

Everybody is an indivdual and have a myriad of factors that affect what will work best for them. We all have our own history and back story, our own level of emotional literacy, learning and self-awareness, our access to a social network, different family dynamics, a plethora of physical health stories, financial and time contraints and the list goes on.

With this in mind i have designed an Emotional and Mental Wellness First Aid Package and the instruction manual is one sentence long, 'Use it as you need it, whatever supports you best at that time.'

So have a look at the items in the EMWFAP and really think about which items and practices will fit into your daily life. Perhaps try out something new to see if it makes a difference to a once before unsolved scenario. I urge you to get curious and if you have the energy make some notes, because we have such a heavy mental load a lot of the time and we forget the little teachings our minds, bodies and souls gift us every day.

Codesign's Emotional & Mental Wellness First Aid Package

Symptom = Stress, Overwhelm, Panic

  • Grounding exercises - stop where you are. Take a long slow in breath and exhale through your mouth, Imagine your feet are pushing into the floor. Repeat and each time imagine a stronger connection to the floor.

  • Regroup - in your head or out loud notice something you can see, hear, touch, smell and taste.

  • Mindfulness - Tune in to something with your full focus - that hot cup of tea in your hand - how it feels, tastes, smells - watch the steam rise, Unclench your jae. Drop your shoulders and slow your breathing.

Symptom = Apathy, low mood, lack of motivation

  • Win Big - Set yourself a tiny goal for the day - a walk outside for 5 minutes/ writing a greeting card to someone. Folding 10 pieces of washing. Then celebrate like you have won the lottery.

  • Watch Out - Download something to watch or listen to just by yourself that will either make you laugh or help you learn something new.

  • Write Yourself - Use pens/paper/ the wall/ a chalkboard whatever! Write down the emotions you feel in big letters and then go to work on scribbling all over them - then write in bright colours how you want to feel.

Symptom = Burnout, fatigue, brain fog, nausea

  • Prune It - Take out your diary and prune any non-essential items - and yes even coffee with your bestie can count, if it will bring you joy do it but if it adds to the time stress prune it, kindly - if it adds nourishment to your life it will grow back, if not you you've dug out some weeds!

  • Back to Basics - Sleep, Hydration, Nourishing Food, Relaxation - these are the 4 pillars of your life. Take time to inspect which ones are falling down and then rectify it. Not sleeping well -make the room darker, get off your phone earlier. Not eating properly - add in the fruit & veg and make time to sit down to eat. Etc........

  • Say it's So - Find a trusted friend and say 'Hey, I'm burnt out - everything feels like a massive tangle, can you help me streamline some things?' Guess what they'll probably say yes and be thrilled that this is th kind of emotionally safe conversation they can have with you - WELL DONE!

I have made a physical package with all of these written on cards and have added some simple self care bits too like a monthly massage, a solo walk in the woods, a chai latte when i am passing my fave coffee shop. Hugs are amazing - hug a a human (with consent!) hug a teddy, hug a pet and i've found even hugging myself works- yep try it, it is fab!

I hope this helps and of course add in what you need to help you get through the tricky times. This is a life-long package that you add to continuously as you learn more about who you are and what you want from life.

Sending Love Always

X Fliss X

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