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Hopeful or Hopeless. Get more Hope in Your Life.

I am not here to promise you the world - but I am here to promise you some form of control over your world, especially the future of your world. Let me circle back to the beginning - it's such a good place to start!

When we think of our future we tend to fall into two camps, the optimistic and the pessimistic.

You will be forgiven for thinking that equates equally to the hopeful and the hopeless.........

Forgiven but WRONG!

Let me explain what hope is and most importantly - is not.

Hope is not a fingers crossed wish that in the future something good will happen - but we often say Hope when we mean wish, 'I hope the weather is good on Sunday for the Picnic.' What you actually mean here is 'I wish for good weather on Sunday for the Picnic.' This is why - Hope is based on things YOU can influence, it is intrinsic - anything else is a wish, with you having little to no control on whether it happens and it being heavily influenced by external factors. As awesome as you are, you cannot control the weather - Mother Nature is the original bad ass!


Hope and Hope Theory was defined most eloquently (IMHO) by Professor C.R. Snyder. Rick said, (hark at me - Rick! Like we are besties?!) that Hope requires Goal, Pathway and Agency. I studied this for the longest time and came up with my own way of thinking about it called


Goal - Something you are aiming for, is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound

Agency - Your belief that you can achieve what you set out to do

Pathway - The practical ways of getting from here to your goal.

G.A.P - and as you are generating it - GAP GENERATION

Let's pick an example and roll with it. I hope we go to Spain on holiday/vacation next summer.

GOAL - To go to Spain. When? Next Summer? Achievable ?Yes we have been abroad before. Relevant ? Yes the whole family has always talked about going. Time bound? Yes we have 12 months to plan.

Agency - Do i believe I can do it? YES! I create affirmations that ensure I am reaffirming my ability daily. I surround myself with people who add to my life. I talk about going as if it were already a done deal - Neuroplasticity at it's finest, my brain now has the suggestion that it is happening and so I believe I can.

Pathway - How do we get to that point? I research the holiday/vacation. I work out a monthly saving plan to ensure we have the money for the deposit and payments on time. I look at my schedule and see where I can remove any barriers to the trip and where I can add in things that will contribute. I stick all this information on a vision board to keep myself accountable.

And to Spain we shall go folks! (I am actually going in July to Bilbao and La Coruna - bliss! I will of course let you know how it goes).


Now you know the how, you have surely got to want to know the why - and here it is.

It has been researched by scientists to see what impact Hope has on your life. Hopeful people:

  • Are more successful

  • Have less mental health challenges

  • Suffer fewer physical health issues

  • Report more life satisfaction

  • Are happier in the work

SOLD!!!!!!!!!! Who doesn't want a piece of that? Especially when you literally all have the power to engineer something to hope for.


The flip side is Hopelessness which is equated with despair emotionally. People who do not have hope in their lives suffer increasingly with mental health, physical health and emotional health challenges. They are less socially satisfied and become isolated.

I know that life is not always a bed of Roses - I witnesses my Father's suicide 5 years ago and I truly believe all hope of ever finding happiness or connecting in any meaningful way to joy ever again was lost.

I am here to tell you that the work of C.R Snyder saved my life. I literally dug deep and put into practice his steps and very slowly, i began to emerge from the deluge of pain and trauma.

I just created a 2 Part Podcast on this very subject. It is super easy to listen to and can give you some simple but potent ideas to implement into your life right now. Because I am dedicated to ensuring that everyone has access to the tools they need to live their optimal life - whatever that looks like for them as a individual with their unique circumstances.

Click the LINK - It's FREE and always will be. Finances should never be a barrier to Emotional and Mental Wellness and Empowerment.

Let me know your thoughts - I am over on Instagram and Facebook: @codesignwithfliss

X Love and Empowerment Fliss X

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