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I'm a Scrubber......What About You?

It's true that I am a self confessed Scrubber and I am no longer afraid to admit that publically.

It is not bubble baths, hot chocolate or massages that are the key component of my self care (although I do enjoy all of those things.)

No the 1 thing that I go to when I am feeling anxious, overwhelmed, unsure, stressed, frustrated, annoyed, burnt out - SCRUBBING THE TOILET!

It always has given me the greatest sense of calm and satisfaction in the literal shit-storm of life. I vividly remember being 9 years old at Brownie Camp and the Unit Leader was giving out jobs for the weekend to look after our accommodation. Setting the table was scooped up quickly, followed by washing up and stacking the dishes. Even bed making was a seemingly good choice when faced with that one job that nobody wanted - scrubbing the loo!

So I said I would do it, it was disgusting, it smelled horrific, the rubber gloves were yucky and I thought this must be a life low. However, i got to work being the conscientious little Brownie that I was. Well, by the time I had finished I could literally see my face in the reflection from that bog bowl! That face was beaming ear to ear because the accomplishment was huge. The transformation from torrid toilet to luxurious loo was marvellous. It was here the Scrubber in me emerged.

Ever since then I can remember that as soon as life seemed to be getting too much for me, it was time to grab a brush and scrub out the stress. I think that it serves me because it is a job that requires no real thinking, a little energy and gives you a complete sense of satisfaction knowing that not only is a household job done but everything after that will seem like a bright and shiny bonus.

So my question to you is this - What is your self care thing? The weirder the better. Let me know in the comments - DM me on Social Media (@codesignwithfliss) or email me hello@flissgoldsmith. I will feature some of my favourites in a round up next week.

Have a beautiful day whatever you need :)

X Love and Empowerment Fliss X

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