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Spring into Action

I don't know about you, but I find myself just beginning to notice that little bit more light in the morning and at the end of the day. It may just be a minute or so longer each day but those little increments add up to a big impact.

Are you Ready to Spring into Action?

Nature has a wonderful way of reminding us of our ebb and flow, and while winter has seen us slower, quieter and reflective, now is the time for a subtle gear shift.

I say subtle because the absolute last thing anyone needs is a jarring call to arms with a metaphorical Sergeant Major barking them to do 50 press ups NOW SOLDIER!

Spring is the perfect time to start moving from reflection to implementation mode. It works best when it is done in little tweaks, changes and moments over a period of time - like a season you could say.

In Coaching we call these incremental gains - 'Behavioural Activations' and the best bit - they can be literally anything as long as they meet the following criteria:

  1. This is an addition to what you are already doing

  2. You keep consistently at it each day

  3. It stretches you a little

  4. It does not push you to burn out

  5. It brings you joy or a sense of satisfaction

It could be that you are feeling overwhelmed by your house - the mess, the chaos, and so you have put off cleaning. Start adding 10 minutes vacuuming each morning, or commit to 10 minutes ironing in the evening. Perhaps you feel that your physical fitness has naturally waned over winter - so gently add 10 minutes of walking to your everyday or dance to music for 3 consecutive songs morning and night. Or what if you feel your mind is whirring night after night and your sleep is suffering? Carve out 10 minutes before bed to journal your thoughts, create a to - do list and just dump any information your mind may be clinging to.

At first you may not notice much changing, but be patient, because like the beautiful blooms that germinate from seed into full flower - there is always some growth happening. Then you may notice that your feeling more accomplished all of a sudden, or that you are breathing more deeply and taking on the day with more energy. Maybe you fall into bed after jotting in your journal and instead of spinning that head hits the pillow with rest and recovery.

On a larger scale if you have a goal in mind that you want to work towards the principle of behavioural activation remains the same. You work backwards from the big shiny goal to the every day sort of things and see where you can add in some more bits and pieces that will really mobilise you on a robust but flexible path to achieving whatever it is you have set your heart and mind to.

Want some help with behavioural activations - email me and let's talk about really putting that Spring in your step!

X Love and Empowerment Fliss X

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