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That's not my dream!

I want to take you back to a specific set of books aimed at children (stick with it there is a point i promise!)

The 'That's not my....... (Angel/Bear/Hat/Coat/Sister/Cat/ Christmas Tree) series by Usbourne Books. If you have children in your life you have no doubt come across them - if you don't, go out and get one, because they have fluffy, touchy, feely stuff in them and approximately 7 words a page so you can tell your bookish friends you read 6 books cover to cover last week without lying!


Yes, the point - well i was reminded of these books recently when working with a client. They came to me knowing that something was misaligned, but they didn't know what. This presents the biggest challenge to me as a coach but it also brings the biggest reward when we crack it.

After a lot of questions, exploration, mind mapping and discussion a large light bulb went on and she realised that she was living in pursuit of a dream that was never hers to begin with. She thought it was her dream, she thought it was what she had always wanted and she was certain that there was no way she could have spent the last decade existing in this way without knowing it was causing her the unrest she experienced.

Like the books repeat 'That's not my (whatever) it's too (blue/soft/tall/curly/old etc), every time we hooked into this goal she was working towards she would hit a stumbling block. Something wasn't adding up to what she truly wanted. The world she had placed herself in and the world that she authentically wanted to be in were not the same space. She realised this was not her dream.

Sounds Impossible?

No, this is not uncommon. It sounds far fetched that intelligent, empathetic, motivated, clued-in, caring individuals could lead a life that was so disconnected from their truth. The reality is though that this is incredibly regular and the reason is that often in middle adult-hood we have lost knowledge of who we really are, what we really like and dislike and what lights us up and brings us joy. We have no idea of our core values (if i told you that is 2-3 at max i bet you'd have a hard time identifying them).

Is there light at the end of this tunnel?

YES The good news is this - Firstly if this resonates with you, you are not unusual and you are not alone, in fact you are in some of the best company. Some of the most wondrous people fall into this category at some point and i believe it is the very fact that they have been here and then done the work to move through and out of this place into a fully aligned and authentic version of themselves that adds to that rich texture of their energy and story.

Secondly there is help at hand. There are books and apps that can help you begin this journey and then there are coaches who can support you to identify the issues, tackle the challenges and embody your inherent self.

Can you help me now?

YES - If you would like to book a free discovery call/email chat/ WhatsApp message it's -

WhatsApp 07718487079

Contact me as soon as possible, because you only have one life and you deserve to live it optimally, whatever that looks like authentically for you.

The major takeaway from this is - If it's not your dream, then you are living in a dream that someone else gave to you - and that is the same as existing in a nightmare.'

Sweet dreams x Fliss x

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