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What Are your 'Festive Flu' Signs & Symptoms?

Covid is doing the rounds, Flu is on the up and most everyone has a cough or cold this time of the year - so 'Signs & Symptoms' are very much on our radar.

I want to use this blog post as your seasonal Emotional & Mental Wellness checker. There is such a large mental load and emotional requirement in December which makes it more important then ever to ensure we know what to be on the look out for.

Much like a physical flu-type illness, the onset of emotional malaise comes with some tell tale signs. We know that prevention is better than cure. So we need to get really clued in to what our bodies are telling us about our emotional and mental bandwidth.

If we can act when these Signs & Symptoms appear, then we put ourselves in the best position to avoid burnout. Everyone has a different capacity, history and situation which makes up their emotional landscape. This will be an entirely individual thing. I liken it to when we are about to get a humdinger of a cold we all have that first thing that goes wobbly - for me it is mouth ulcers, with my son he usually gets a huge dip in energy levels, my daughter will start with headaches pre-cold and my husband, well if he is about to get unwell his rhinitis kicks off and he sneezes approximately 1343 times an hour (on average!).

So here are some tell-tale Signs & Symptoms that should alert you it is time to slow down and dip into your Emotional and Mental Wellness First Aid Kit (which handily enough makes up next week's blog).

* Tense muscles

* Brain - fog

* Clenched jaw

*Teeth grinding

* Fast, shallow breathing.

* Restless (foot tapping etc)

* Headaches

* Nausea

*Always/hardly ever hungry

* Insomnia

It is imperative I point out that any new signs & symptoms regarding your health should warrant an examination by a medical practitioner. From an Emotional coaches point of view these are all our nervous systems way of warning us that we are taking on too much and as a result we are not in good emotional and mental health.

So this week if you find your heart rate rising when another School notification pings through, or if you feel sick at the thought of giving that work presentation - or you just cannot sleep because your to-do list makes Santa's look like a post-it......JUST NOTICE. That is all i ask of you - nothing radically different at this point, just make a note of how you are feeling in your body, what hurts, what's happening and then next week i will introduce you to the handy little first aid kit i have designed for your Emotional & Mental Wellness. That will help to empower you to fend off the burnout and not succumb to the festive emotional flu.

Just notice my loves - just notice. And if all else fails the picture of the cat in an orange pom-pom hat is there to give you a momentary respite from the chaos.

Love and Empowerment

X Fliss X

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Dec 05, 2023

Thank you for this. I know I've started to feel more agitated and can't sleep as well. I don't like the lack of sunlight 😩

Fliss Goldsmith
Fliss Goldsmith
Dec 05, 2023
Replying to

I'm sorry you are feeling under the emotional weather but that's huge that you can already notice the physiology of the overwhelm. Gives you a great platform to work from when we explore the emotional wellness first aid kit next week. Keep noticing, your doing your whole self a huge service 🫂 hope that the week ahead offers some gentle times xx

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