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Codesign  Services

This isn’t just Life Coaching, It is Emotional Wellbeing and Empowerment Coaching that ensures we create your optimal future, together.

1:1 Coaching

Are you feeling adrift? Not sure who ‘you’ are, what you want or even need in your life? Firstly, let me reassure you this is a very usual human experience – it doesn’t mean it is a pleasant one. It doesn’t mean it should be ignored. This feeling is your body, mind and soul communicating to one another that something needs to change. This is where I come in to sit beside you and work out the details. Emotional Wellbeing and Empowerment Coaching is not a fluffy slogan on an eye mask – it is a raw, honest, soul-searching journey that yields the most powerful results. We work in partnership, to achieve the life you desire and the balance and peace you deserve. I could go on and on extolling the benefits of this process – but your time is precious, and your needs are unique, this requires a bespoke approach. Click here to contact me.


Online Courses

Do you want to dip your toe in the Coaching pool?! Online courses are a great way to explore some of the more common life challenges. You can do them in your own time, in a space that brings you comfort. These courses add to your emotional literacy and fitness and will support your adventure to better Emotional Wellbeing. Leaving you feeling empowered I know that the value in these bite sized treats will pour into every area of your life.  CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION


Email Coaching

When I was a child I would not speak on the phone – it terrified me! Of course, I have overcome this fear now (or I would definitely be in the wrong job!) However, I know that speaking in person, on the phone or via video link is a real and valid concern that some people face daily. This creates a barrier for traditional Life Coaching. You’re in luck because traditional is one thing I am not! I have created a package of email coaching which delivers high value Emotional Wellbeing and Empowerment Coaching without any of the anxiety of speech or face to face interaction. This is a greatly supportive feature of Codesign Coaching. Want to know how it works – don’t book a call – book an email chat here


Weekly Podcast Episodes

My podcast, ‘The Way Forward’, is the safe space I created, for anyone seeking a supportive exploration of life’s challenges. Each week on a Wednesday (or via playback at your convenience) you can hear me in conversation with trusted guests. We cover issues such as: Chronic Illness, Divorce, Breathwork, Grief, Our Voice, Adversity, Changes, Trauma, Nutrition, Family, Career and much more. My podcast is free to listen to because I truly believe that everyone deserves to live an optimal life, whatever that looks like for them. I’d be honoured to add you to our ever-growing community of Forward Thinkers. Click here to access ‘The Way Forward’.

Business/ Education Providers/ Clubs and Groups:

As an Inclusion Specialist, with over a decade of experience, I also offer Businesses, Education Providers, Groups and Clubs the opportunity to work with me to ensure that they create and curate an environment where each person is empowered to be present as their authentic self and optimise their emotional well-being. It is not just enough to be included; we must strive to create a space of belonging that each person can wholly connect to.

This can take the following forms:

In person/ Zoom staff coaching sessions
In person/ Video package student sessions
Audit of Policies and Procedures (DEI & B)
Creation of DEI & B Policies and Procedures
Values exploration – operationalizing values, linking to observable skills and behaviours.
Cultural Inclusion Audit (including areas for improvement and ideas for implementation)  

I am as at home working with large corporations as I am with a small youth group. Your needs, aspirations and goals are unique and achievable. Your journey to empowerment and creating an optimised and aligned tomorrow begin with a click! Contact me here. 

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