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What is the Point?

Have you ever found yourself on the brink of doing something or going somewhere and thinking - I can't be bothered, or what's the point? It happens a lot of the time to a lot of us. Sometimes however this becomes more and more common place and we find ourselves in a state of Apathy.

It's that 'meh' feeling where you really do not care one way or the other and it could be a signal of many things, one of which is Burnout.

Continually apathy should never be ignored. It could be telling of a physical or mental health condition which of course needs the careful guidance of a medical practitioner.

If, however you are clear medically it is likely that this apathy is telling you that you are spent.

Burnout has a habit of creeping up on us - it is a bit of a slow burner! We start to take on more and more things and suddenly we are exhausted.

We find ourselves agreeing to many things that do not really align with who we are or what we love and emotionally we are overdrawn.

Our anxiety begins to mount and we find that we are avoiding going to bed or if we do go to bed lying there with 101 worries whizzing round our head until we feel like we will either scream or burst.

We are trying to be all things to all people and are so overstretched that the smallest thing can tip us over the edge and leave us an irritable, easily angered ogre.

We feel less and less like the best version of us, we are not even a good version of us, we are somewhere between a decent and dreary version of the person we know we can be.

So this blog is here to tell you to listen to this quiet apathy. The apathy that whispers - I can't be bothered, or what is the point. Behind that whisper is a siren blaring out a warning that if you keep living the way you are then nothing change - you will likely only feel worse.

So if you want to feel les 'meh' and more 'me' here are few quick tips try:

  • Say no, with kindness, to things that are not essential/don't light you up. If you struggle with the N word try 'I'd rather not thanks' or 'I don't have the capacity right now.'

  • Plan in rest breaks - I know it sounds impossible (work/partner/kids/house/pets/LIFE!) But even if you could structure your day so that you knew you could grab 4 x 15 minutes to yourself, you have given yourself 1 hour in the day to commit to YOU and that tells you that you are worth it.

  • GO TO BED! Boring as it is, keep a regular bed time, do not have any blue light for 1 hour prior, write down your worries and get some ZZZZZZZZ's. Exhaustion requires quality sleep to cure it.

Of course these 3 tips alone will not cure burnout - but they will set you on a path to feeling a bit stronger and prioritising your own wellness. You are worth the time, effort and patience it takes to feel emotionally well again. I am always here to offer any support I can.

X Love and Empowerment Fliss X


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